Eric Crozier, AIA

Sr. Architect, Principal

Eric Crozier

For Eric Crozier, there’s no such thing as an impossible deadline. Or an issue that can’t be worked out.

“Within the linear process of designing and building there are a lot of little tornados, things that have to get resolved without derailing a project.”

Eric actually enjoys wrangling those tornados. “I like complexity,” he says.

“Let’s say you had an unlimited budget, an unlimited amount of property and unlimited time — where’s the challenge in that? Design a great project when you’ve got limited resources: a finite amount of money to spend and a tight deadline. Those are our kind of projects.”

In 2014, GE Oil & Gas came to Abell + Crozier with a dilemma. The company needed to expand a regional repair facility without shutting down operations. Although there was enough property to enlarge the building, the site was less than ideal: half of it was prone to flooding.

Abell + Crozier resolved those issues, adding 100,000 square feet to the building while consolidating offices and workspaces. They also created a new façade to help the GE brand stand out in a busy commercial corridor.

“That job was like Christmas to me,” says Eric. “They actually increased production by 20 percent during the expansion.”

Eric established Abell + Crozier in 2002 with his partner and former classmate Chad Abell. They met while studying architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and graduated together in 1993. 

“As principals, we guide the creative process, but we don’t control the outcome,” says Eric. “We offer our expertise to staff members when it’s needed, but part of that expertise is knowing when to get out of the way. I think that’s the reason our portfolio is so diverse — we give our staff the freedom to give their input.”

ACDA’s projects are wide-ranging. The firm designs facilities for the energy industry; schools and government buildings; churches, multi-family housing; healthcare centers; commercial buildings; and single-family homes.

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