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Southside High School Interior Design


Location: Youngsville, Louisiana

Lafayette Parish was in need of a new high school to support the rapidly growing needs of the community and relieve pressure from the over-stretched resources of the Parish.
The educational curriculum provided by this school offers an elevated emphasis on agricultural and energy industries, with a focus on 21st century issues and technologies. In support of this industrial focused curriculum, the school features career and technical shops and a maker space.
Additionally, the school features an extensive arts department for both music and performing arts. A 300-seat black box theater will serve as a performance space for the school and surrounding community. There are 72 teaching environments serving grades 9-12 with collaboration areas distributed throughout all three floors for extended learning purposes.
The school also features large and small gymnasiums with full locker room support for athletics.
The building's two and three story tall atrium spaces create an open, inviting atmosphere for both the central dining area and the open concept library. The library can be used after hours for the community as part of the Nexus concept. This project was designed and constructed in 24 months.
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