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Diagnostic Imaging Services of Opelousas


Location: Opelousas, Louisiana

Size: 30,000 sqft

The first major challenge for this project was the site itself. It is located directly adjacent to an active railroad track. This was a challenge because of the sensitivity requirements of the imaging equipment. The facility is to house a reference lab, multiple doctor's offices and a large diagnostics imaging center. The Imaging Center is to house CT, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray. An Imaging Center can be a complicated
facility to design, it has many different layers of consideration. Not only do you have all of the very sensitive equipment and systems to accommodate, but patient comfort and safety are of major concern. For comfort, we are attempting to create visual spaces on the exterior with large view windows that could assist in the relaxation and calming of the patient. The thought process for patient
safety has changed somewhat in post Katrina. The ability to be self sustaining during an emergency has become very important. Being able to provide a secure facility from the elements and providing continuous critical utilities -power, lighting, sewer, water and communications was a major issue.
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