Our Process

Our viewpoint is expressed in our everyday approach and attitude. It is closely related and intertwined with our values which guide the relationships, the experiences, the services and the finished product.

Some of our clients engage us to help them refine and/or even define their own viewpoint. This, in turn, assists them in narrowing their field of opportunities into a single clear focus. A clear focus is extremely important for the architect and client to achieve in order to set a positive direction for the design and the overall development of a project.

Regardless of a project’s size or budget, we strive for a clear understanding of what influences our clients. With the client as our guide, these influences can evolve into simple, contextually responsible designs, elegantly executed.

Abell + Crozier Architects is organized around our clients. Most clients are very specific, therefore, we must be experts in very specific areas. Like your business. Your issues. Your goals. In order to know your project, we have to know you.

That’s the thinking behind our organization. Abell + Crozier’s multi-disciplinary experience provides innovative solutions appropriate to your needs, informed by an established knowledge of your business.


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